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How to choose a website hosting provider

What to Look for When Deciding Between Hosting Providers for your Website

Choosing a website hosting provider can be time consuming. Read our helpful guide on how to choose the right website hosting provider for your business.
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Recommended Plugins for Wordpress

The Only 5 Plugins You Need To Build a Fast WordPress Website

Wordpress is a popular content management system for building websites. Wordpress has an exhaustive plugin library of popular extensions which add functionality to the website ...
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Wordpress Themes for Websites

Why Ready-Made WordPress Themes Are Bad for Your Business Website

Buying a ready made Wordpress Theme for your business website may seem like a quick fix solution to get your brand or business seen online. ...
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Why White Space is Critical When it Comes to Designing Your Website.

When designing a new website, many owners overlook the need to balance white space and content. White space is one of the best ways to ...
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How to Fix Indexing Issues On Your Company’s Website

The internet is a vast library of websites and associated webpages. Google is the number one search engine with 92.47 percent market share of search ...
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Mobile Phone Scanning QR Code

QR Codes for Your Small Business: How and When Should You Use Them?

QR stands for quick response and invented in Japan in the mid-90s to track components in car production. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, ...

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This article highlights the striking similarities between OpenAI and Wikipedia. Both platforms aim to democratise knowledge, promote collaboration, and facilitate continuous learning. OpenAI develops advanced AI models like ChatGPT, while Wikipedia relies on user-generated content. While OpenAI's reliability is a subject of ongoing improvement, Wikipedia's trustworthiness stems from its community-driven model. Both platforms have revolutionised information access and are transforming the digital landscape.
Discover the advantages of outsourcing digital marketing for professional service firms and how McGinn and Dolphin can help drive growth and success through their specialised marketing services.
Categories, tags, and archive pages are essential elements in organising and managing content in WordPress. Categories group similar content into broad topics, creating a logical hierarchy for visitors to find relevant posts. Tags provide a more detailed classification, allowing for a granular organisation of content. Archive pages, on the other hand, present a collection of posts grouped by date or other criteria. Understanding the distinctions between these elements is vital for effective content organisation and navigation, enhancing the user experience of a website.
If you own or manage a business online, chances are you have seen or heard about Google My Business and the importance of keeping it regularly updated and consistent. Apple Business Connect brings a secondary dimension to local listing services and how it could challenge Google My Business. We take a look at this rival competitor, the benefits of using Apple Business Connect and how to setup an Apple Business Connect Profile.
Cloudflare is a specialist Content Delivery Network that aims to speed up the performance and security of your website. Read more about Cloudflare and how using a content delivery network can enhance your businesses website in 2023.
If you need an image of the Queen for a commemorative post on your website or social media, don’t simply grab one from the internet, because all images have rights attached to them regarding their usage. Read our guidance and advice on how to use images of the royal family during this period of mourning.
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