What Marie Kondo Can Teach the World of Business About Tidying


Marie Kondo was made famous for her bestselling book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’. Can her tried and tested methods help businesses declutter and create a happy and healthy office environment?

Does this look familiar?

Whilst we can admit that our desks are often pristine when we turn up for work in the morning – this can sometimes be no further from the truth.

Marie Kondo is considered to be the ‘Queen of Tidying’ and author of bestselling book the ‘Life Changing Magic of Tidying’. Her recent series on Netflix teaches people how they can focus on reducing their stress levels associated with the emotional feelings of throwing things away. As a result of her methods, Marie has showed us we should keep hold of things that only ‘Spark Joy’ in our lives. Whilst her theories have helped millions of consumers around the world, can her attitudes towards tidying really help in the real world.

We still need to keep an audit trail just in case the taxman comes knocking, but do we really need to keep all those receipts, business cards, event flyers and trade magazines from years gone by.

Here are some of my tips and tricks to maintain a tidy office, drive business and innovation in the workplace.

One drive / Google Drive

If you already use an online document management system for your filing, then you will already be reaping the benefits of how easy it is to share, control and work together on your business documents.

Not only do these solutions provide instant online access they also create systematic document and version control in the workplace. Get Started with One Drive or Google Drive today.

Dropbox Scanning Tool

Don’t have a scanner and want something more compact you can scan on the go? Dropbox’s built in scanning feature allows you to snap, save and transfer your hard copy documents into electronic documents in seconds.

Get started with Dropbox by signing up for your free 2GB worth of storage today.

Email Receipts Management

With the continued rise of online shopping not slowing down anytime soon, how do we identify and track our guarantees, warranties of the products we buy? With CloudHQ Synchronisation you can directly save your emails to PDF’s and then by automating them into your Google Drive or One Drive folder you never have to wade through your inbox looking for receipts.

The result, a simple business process for all your online purchases.

Invest in a Shredder

Before you throw anything away, make sure it doesn’t contain your personal information. Personal Identity fraud is on the rise and becoming more frequent. Whilst shredders are old fashioned, I dare say bulky things, they do serve a purpose and offer protection against other people stealing your identity.

Pick up a shredder today and help protect yourself against identity fraud.


The most practical tip is to make sure you tidy your desk before you leave the office in the evening. It’s the persistent daily disciplines which will continually drive your business forward

Do you have any other innovative methods to help create a happy and healthy office environment. Please share them below.

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