One of My Biggest Pet Hates


I don’t like to moan, but when I see this sort of thing on a business card, van, flyer or advertisement it drives me really mad.

It’s like turning up to a business meeting dressed in flips flops – you’ll certainly receive some odd looks.

It’s not just odd looks you’ll get. Research conducted by Microsoft highlighted that customers were 9 times more likely to choose a business with a domain based email address over one that uses a free domain such as Gmail or Hotmail.

So why is a professional business email domain really that much better for your business?

  • Ownership – Your customers can resonate with your business knowing the email you are using is associated with your business. As you own the domain you also own what email addresses can be associated with it.

  • Simplicity – Tried to register an email address on Gmail or Hotmail and found that it has already been taken? Because each email address ends with, you can set up as many or as little email addresses as you need.

  • Security – Using Gmail or Hotmail for your business email might increase your chances of your customers receiving unwanted emails. If setup correctly; you can avoid things like email spoofing and email phishing with a Professional Email Domain.

  • Scale – Have you found that it’s a struggle to manage your Inbox with just one single email address? What happens when you need to add another employee or accounts@ email address? Create email addresses under the same umbrella of your business domain helping you to expand and scale your business seamlessly.

  • Features – You still get access to the same features such as One Drive or Google Drive but enhanced to maximise both efficiency & productivity such as Shared Mailboxes and Permission Controls for your users.

Looking for the best professional business email solution for your expanding business? Give us a call on 01730 299890 to find out more.

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