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McGinn and Dolphin are Mailchimp Training experts working with clients to improve their Email activity on the platform.

Mailchimp is an email software as a service platform with over 11 Million active customers worldwide (2020). The platform allows customers to capture, create and communicate more effectively with their audience via email.

Our Mailchimp training is designed to get the most from your email campaigns using tried and tested techniques. During this 1 Hour Mailchimp session you should be able to.

Mailchimp Support and Training

Learn Practical and Proven Mailchimp Strategies to Increase Engagement

Just because you have sent out an email to someone, doesn’t mean that they will open it or engage with it. 

Our training shows you how to get better open rates and delivery rates for your business using Mailchimps tools. 

Be Able to Build, Segmentation and Grouping to Better Target your Audience

Focusing on a specific attribute or interest your contacts have can lead to better engagement in your marketing.

Our training will show you how to segment, group and better target your audience to engage with your subscribers in what they want to hear about. 

Mailchimp Segmentation & Groupibng

Meet your Mailchimp Expert

Ali Dolphin is a professional Mailchimp expert working with businesses to get better deliverability and open rates through Email Marketing. If you’re struggling with Mailchimp or want proven techniques  to improve your success book a training session today. 

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Mailchimp Training for Business Owners

Be more Comfortable When using Mailchimp Tools and Features.

Mailchimp has a tonne of tools and resources to equip you with everything you need to get your email marketing on the right track

For some these tools and features can seem exhaustive. Our Mailchimp training gives you insight into how to use these tools effectively for your email marketing.

What McGinn and Dolphin Mailchimp Training Covers

Audience Management and Lists

How engaged is your audience in your Mailchimp account? Are you using multiple lists or looking to combine lists together. Our training can help with this.

Segmentation, Tags and Groups

Have you always wanted to identify your most active subscribers or send more targeted emails to your subscribers. Our training can show you how to do this.

Deliverability and Reporting

How are your emails performing? Is great, great or is Good, good enough? McGinn & Dolphin can help optimise your email campaigns to deliver better results.

Ready to Take Your Mailchimp Knowledge to The Next Level?

Our Online Mailchimp Training is delivered via Zoom. Book your Email Marketing Training Session online starting from just £99.00. 

Frequently Asked Questions about McGinn and Dolphin Mailchimp Training

Mailchimp is what is known as a freemium software. This means that the basic level of their product is free but to use the full level of features you will need to pay for their service. 

As a Software as a service platform Mailchimp has a number of resources available online for their users to follow. 

But what if you want some hands on training or support and advice? Then you might get a little stuck as Mailchimp don’t offer any support unless you are prepared to go to their fully paid premium level support.


As the sessions are conducted via Zoom you are free to record the sessions at no additional cost. If you wish to record the sessions just ask us on the call so we can change the settings. 

You can have up to 4 people on each Zoom session. Anymore it can be difficult to facilitate the call in a timely manner. 

Before the training sessions we would need access to your Mailchimp account. This can be done by a number of ways (dependent on your plan. Add us a user, share your login credentials. 

We would be more than happy to accommodate our training in the USA. Please book a convenient time through our online booking system.  

Depending on your Mailchimp plan we can create customised email marketing templates for your business which can help you to standout in your customers inbox. Contact us via email to discuss your design needs further. 

Whilst our training is specifically aimed at Mailchimp, there are similarities in terms of the process and techniques which are suitable for other platforms. Our experience includes and is not limited to Constant Contact and Klavio. 

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