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McGinn & Dolphin are SEO experts in Petersfield and Hampshire helping you make your business visible on the World Wide Web

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of manipulating and increasing your presence of your website to gain more visitors and potential business. A well thought out SEO Strategy which is properly implemented can be both cost effective and not influenced by the amount of money your competitors spend.

As a result of a properly implemented SEO strategy our clients see increases in conversions which generates more leads for their business. 


Focusing on More Than Just Keywords

At McGinn & Dolphin we understand that keywords alone will not propel you to the top of your rankings in online search. Using a decades worth of experience, in helping clients get to the top our business can help your business grow online.

We focus on the bigger picture for your business including all offline and online channels which are fundamentally important for a great SEO Strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation for Business
SEO Website Reporting

Insightful Analysis & Reporting You Can Understand

If you choose McGinn & Dolphin to manage your Search Optimisation for your business we will provide monthly reporting and analysis of how well your strategy is performing. 

Our reports are easy for you to understand and if you are still not 100% sure we can arrange a call to discuss in detail the report. 

Looking For Your Website to Take-off and Reach New Heights?

In 2021 it was recorded that Google received 5.6 Billion daily searches every day. Is your website fighting to take-off. As Search Engine Optimisation Experts in Petersfield we can help your website take-off. 

Creating Quality Fresh Content Which Increases Visibility

A good SEO Strategy needs to include consistent updated and fresh content. This can be through service or location pages and blogs. 

Creating blogs is a great way to answer key questions your audience is asking and create referral links back to your website. 

Four Simple Tips to Improve your SEO Strategy by SEO Experts McGinn & Dolphin

Adding Alt Attributes

When a search engine crawls your site it can only see text. Alt Attributes are snippets of text which describe via words what the picture is.

Creating Referral Listings

Google cannot rely on your website alone, it needs to create a bigger picture profile of your business from third party sources such as review sites, Industry Bodies etc.

Consistent Titles and Headings

Style tags commonly referred to as H1, H2, Title Tags depict the subject of an article or website. Your website should have one Title Tag and one H1 Tag and multiple H2 Tags.

Fixing Broken Links

If your website has broken links then you have a problem. Your customers will have problems looking for information. Google will also penalise you as it thinks information is there and it leads to an error.

Is it Time You Increased Your Search Position?

McGinn & Dolphin are Petersfield based SEO experts working with businesses to improve their visibility online. Taking your website and improving your visibility on search.

Frequently Asked Questions From Clients using McGinn & Dolphin SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation is not a quick fix solution unlike Google Ad’s. There is no dark art to improving your search results over night. This is why it requires a constant and consistent approach and investment to make it work. 

The first step is to identify where your business is currently ranking for online. This is through a SEO Audit which covers on-page and off-page factors which will influence your search results. 

Cheap web solutions promise to be SEO friendly out of the box. However in reality in our experience these are often false or misguided promises. Google’s Lighthouse report is a free indexing tool which analyses the performance of your website. 

Off-Page SEO concerns factors separate from your website. This could include citations, reviews and your ability to convince other people that you are a reliable and trustworthy business online.

Our digital marketing agency is based in Petersfield, Hampshire. Being an online business there is no limit to the areas that we cover. That being said we tend to focus on UK Based companies. Should your business be international we can recommend other companies. 

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