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McGinn & Dolphin are your reliable Website Hosting partner in Petersfield, Hampshire keeping your business online 24/7, 365 Days of the Year.

When it comes to your business website hosting, nothing is more important than making sure your website is operating at 100% Performance. 

The moment your business website goes down you will loose traffic, which could result in lost sales or reduction in inbound leads. It could also have a negative connotations for your brand if customers can’t access information about your business.

Choose a reliable business website hosting service in McGinn & Dolphin. Here are some reasons why our clients choose McGinn and Dolphin to host their website. 

Reliable Website Hosting in Hampshire

All our hosting plans include 30 days backup as standard. Should your website go offline or their is a problem which can’t be resolved then we can revert to a previous version. 

All our clients hosting accounts remain isolated from each other, meaning if a site was to become infected with a virus it won’t interfere with are other clients accounts. 

Website Hosting Services Petersfield
SSL Certificates for Website Hosting

Secure Website Hosting Solutions

SSL is a security protocol designed to encrypt data between a client and a web server. Many web hosts will charge you extra for an SSL Certificate. 

With McGinn & Dolphin we provide this as standard to keep your website, secure, safe and protected from security vulnerabilities. 

How Would you Describe Your Website Hosting Service?

Not all Hosting companies are the same. If your business hosting is up for renewal contact McGinn & Dolphin today.

Scalable Website Hosting Support

You need a web host which grows with your business and does not slow you down.

McGinn & Dolphin can offer increased storage and RAM which grows with your business allowing you to handle more visitors and enhance the user experience on your website. 


Website Hosting Solutions to Handle More Traffic

Why Clients Choose McGinn & Dolphin for Their Business Website Hosting

Backup's as Standard

We offer 30 Days Backup as Standard. Notice a problem we can roll back to a date without a problem.

SSL as Standard

SSL is end to end encryption for your website hosting and prevent malicious activity.

Dedicated Support

No 0800 or 0333 numbers to dial. Speak to a real human being to resolve your problems.

Optimised for Speed

Dedicated Caching Services that improve optimisation for load speed, caching and aid user experience.

Does Your Web Host Offer All This?

Are you comfortable if your website went offline today, you could get your files back? Contact McGinn & Dolphin for a fast and reliable web hosting service. 

Frequently Asked Questions about McGinn and Dolphin Web Hosting Services

We have a private server located in the UK. We like supporting British companies and are proud to back British technology.
By default we take a snapshot of the database every evening recording changes for 30 days. In the event that you need to roll-back to a previous version we can pick up the backup and roll back to that date.
An SSL Certificate is a Secure Socket Layer and offers end to end encryption between users entering their details on your website and your web host. SSL Certificates are important in making sure your website is secure. We offer SSL Certificates on all our web hosting services. Should you require further encryption and warranty we can quote for this once we no more.

We’re committed to providing first class support for our clients, that’s why when your website goes down we want to be at the front of your queue to make sure it is restored as quickly as possible. We aim to respond within 2hrs of  that your website is down.

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