How to make the most from your guest wireless network


We live in a world which is dominated by wireless communications; apps, connectivity and social media networks.

As a result, it is now not uncommon for many businesses to provide WiFi access to their customers. Find out how your business can benefit with WiFi access from Beambox.

We live in a world which is dominated by wireless communications; apps, connectivity and social media networks.

As a result, it is now not uncommon for many businesses to provide WiFi access to their customers.

For those businesses who provide WiFi to guests they receive a multitude of benefits in return compared to those that don’t.

These benefits come in the form of a better experience for guests, it can lengthen the time they stay, and for the business owner this can influence how much your customers spend.

‘60% of businesses report that customers spend more time in their location when WiFi is offered’

Everyday someone, somewhere in the world is likely to ask if there’s WiFi available? This is usually followed by can I have the WiFi code? Then the customer fumbles trying to enter a sixteen digit code – was that a capital P?… Three attempts later they eventually get it right.

Let’s make it crystal clear, public networks are not the same as your home wireless network where your main issue is your kids no doubt constantly taking up the majority of the bandwidth. With public networks there is more at stake for both parties, as a result they can be extremely risky for both business owner and user if not setup and managed correctly. These risks come in the form of data, privacy and wireless security all associated with the so called ‘guest’ network.

Unsecured Networks Could Cause Reputable Damage

Router manufacturers will typically provide a wireless router with one network enabled, even when it has the capacity for two networks.

A guest network sits on the same network as your network, so then the one you use for your point of sale or administration is at rush even if it is a secured WiFi network. Just think what would be the cost to your business if your Point of Sale system or Payroll system went down? By utilising the second network and isolating the two, you prevent the risk of malicious activity and prevent a potential systems breach.

A guest network on the same network presents a significant risk to the business especially if it’s an unsecured wifi network, that’s one with no password. This presents a greater risk to the customer as well, whilst it might give customers simple easy access to your network, it leaves them completely open for other people on the network to access email addresses, login details, payment information and even control their device.

Cybercrime cases decrease, but still pose a financial risk to your business infrastructure

When your customers log into your public WiFi, the last thing you want them to worry about is whether or not their data is going to be safe and used correctly. These days, the penalties for not keeping your WiFi secure go far beyond losing the trust of your customers.

Although, Cybercrime incidents involving the public in England and Wales have fallen by 30%, from 1.6m to 1.1m (October 2018) it is still a major financial concern for many business owners. The ONS report that the average cost of a cyber attack to a business is £9,260 with some attacks costing significantly more.

If a customer were to sustain any losses from a lack of security within your network your liability insurance won’t cover this, meaning you will be liable for all damages. You could also be liable for up to £500,000 in fines and potential prosecution if your business doesn’t comply with the Data Protection Act, putting the threat of your entire business in jeopardy.

How Does Beambox Solve These Problems

Beambox is a service offered through McGinn & Dolphin and is a plug and play device which connects to your existing router.

It isolates your main network and creates a safe and secure, GDPR compliant, guest network environment. Customers can connect quickly and easily via a multitude of apps and splash pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The WiFi marketing solution is uniquely designed for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Coffee Shops and Social Spaces. Owners can quickly connect, capture and engage with their audiences as well as track the activity in real time on their network.

To take advantage and register for your 30 day free trial today visit Beambox

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