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WordPress Development in Portsmouth: content/page amendments, new webpages, and training.

McGinn and Dolphin are leaders in website development and maintenance, our business specialises in WordPress Development in Portsmouth. WordPress is often described as a content management system (CMS); it is one of the most used platforms for building websites. At the time we built this webpage, nearly 40% of websites on the internet are built using WordPress. If you are wondering which websites aren’t WordPress, these are often for eCommerce businesses and web development for large corporations. 

We aren’t suggesting that you should use WordPress for smaller businesses only; we are suggesting that you come to a professional web developer in Portsmouth like ourselves, and learn about what can work well for your business. WordPress is open-source, meaning that different developers can offer their skills to progress the WordPress platform. The developers and community behind WordPress (and the fact that it is open source), have led to the success of the platform and the businesses which use it.

WordPress Development in Portsmouth

If you would like to continue to improve your website or you have a new business venture then please don’t hesitate to contact us about WordPress Development in Portsmouth.

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Keeping track of all the latest tools and web developments can be tricky unless you work with web design day in and day out. There are many updates to different plugins and not every plugin is in perfect sync with one another. In the past, we have removed stress from customers – for the ones who were originally trying to manage their WordPress Development in Portsmouth and also run a successful business. To benefit from our support please don’t hesitate to contact us today and learn more about our WordPress Development in Portsmouth.


As part of our WordPress development in Portsmouth, we carry out basic steps to protect websites. Daily checks and regular backups provide customers with that peace of mind that we are on top of our work. It is important to check your website regularly and carry out backups to save yourselves from unforeseen events like security attacks. If you choose McGinn and Dolphin as your WordPress Developer in Portsmouth you can have this level of support and also benefit from our other services.

Other reasons for choosing McGinn and Dolphin for WordPress Development in Portsmouth

With more than ten years with WordPress, from hosting, page structure, content amendment, and updates, up to more strategic marketing solutions. We are keen to explain why we are the perfect choice for website services:

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Content Amendments 

When it comes to content amendment, it is always good to speak to a professional web developer. A website can be structured so that when amendments are required, new content can be laid out efficiently. Unexperienced web developers might not design a website for easy content rollouts. When designing websites, it is sometimes good to structure menus so that when products or services are added or adjusted, it does not lead to multiple page amendments.

McGinn & Dolphin for WordPress Development in Portsmouth

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Secure hosting with regular checks and backups will provide a safety net for your website. At McGinn and Dolphin, we can provide different levels of support depending on the size of your business. Whether you are a start-up business or well-established, please don’t hesitate to contact us for WordPress Development in Portsmouth.

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Customer Service

We are a WordPress Developer in Portsmouth who genuinely cares about the level of service provided to each customer. It is important to strike the right balance between carrying out work in a timely manner and providing quality work. If you contact our McGinn and Dolphin today we can understand your business and discuss whether we have a suitable web service for you.

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When it comes to WordPress development in Portsmouth, we are leaders in our industry; we’ve fixed thousands of website issues over the years and we are proud of our expertise. Our business has grown with the development of WordPress and we are very comfortable supporting different businesses on WordPress websites.

WordPress Development in Portsmouth – Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting, checking, backing up, structure changes, content amendments, additional content, SEO, and website maintenance.

Depending on the platform used, we still might be able to support your website. If not, we may be able to recommend another trusted business as we have other contacts in the industry.

If our customers would like training on making small or large amendments, we are open to providing this service. Training is at the heart of our business.

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