WordPress Website Maintenance Portsmouth

WordPress Website Maintenance Portsmouth for maintaining / updating plugins, pages, content and structure.

We offer first-class WordPress website maintenance in Portsmouth. We are happy to serve you if you are looking for a company to maintain your website. If you don’t know which platform your website is built on, we can also help you. If we find your website is built on a platform that we don’t support, we’ll recommend another quality website developer. Feel free to reach out to us at McGinn and Dolphin, whatever your knowledge is in web development. We are easily approachable and we are proud to serve local businesses.

WordPress Website Maintenance in Portsmouth

If you are looking for website amendments or a brand-new website, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

WordPress Specialist

Although we work with other website platforms, our main speciality is WordPress. We find WordPress is a powerful tool that allows us to build websites efficiently. When we published this page, nearly 40% of websites on the internet were built using WordPress. 

If you are wondering what WordPress is, WordPress is open-source CMS software. Many web developers are really positive about WordPress as open-source software. Unquestionably, this has attributed to the success WordPress has today.

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"CMS" Definition

CMS (content management system) refers to the software used to create and manage digital content (webpages).

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Built your own website already?

Are you fed up with trying to manage your WordPress website maintenance and also run a successful business? We appreciate that keeping track of all the latest tools and web developments can be tricky. We realise, to start with, you’ll be cutting costs and if you can build a website yourself – you will. There are quite a few customers who have switched over to us once their business has lifted off. We are happy to take the website maintenance off your hands so that you can focus on your business. Please reach out to us for WordPress website maintenance in Portsmouth.

Trying to keep up with plugin updates, etc? 

We are aware that there are many updates to different plugins to learn about. It is not easy to quickly research all of this unless you work as a web developer for a living. We also know that not every plugin is in perfect sync with one another. We’ve removed stress from customers who were originally managing their websites themselves but don’t have the time to keep up. If this sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Checks with WordPress maintenance in Portsmouth

Our daily checks and regular backups are invaluable. As you might be aware, security attacks can happen at any time. It is important for a professional to check your website regularly and back it up. If you pick us for WordPress Website Maintenance in Portsmouth, we will provide quality website services for your business.

Why contact us for WordPress website maintenance in Portsmouth

We have been working with WordPress for more than ten years. As a result, we have a lot of experience with different websites and different businesses. We can advise and provide services for hosting, page structures, editing content, and general updates. We are also happy to offer more strategic marketing solutions. Here is a bit more about what we can offer:

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General website support

As a minimum, our services provide your website with regular checks and backups. Depending on what stage your business is at, we can help you in different ways. If you are a start-up business, we are great at building new websites and organising secure hosting. If you are established and need your website regularly updated, we provide first-class WordPress website maintenance in Portsmouth.

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Adding/changing web content

When you are updating your website, it's always a good idea to speak with a web developer. We always make sure that when changes are required, new content can be added proficiently. When we design a website, menus are structured for easy content updates and efficiency. When products or services are added or adjusted on your website, you want to avoid multiple page updates where possible.

New webpages or website

Whether you are looking for webpage amendments, remove pages, build new pages, or a new website – we can help you. We will take the time to understand your business and learn about your services. Businesses change and update all the time; it is good to have a web developer on hand for this. As part of our WordPress website maintenance in Portsmouth, we would be able to update your website regularly or as and when required.

WordPress Website Maintenance in Portsmouth - Frequently Asked Questions

We check and back up websites. We provide services for SEO, content, and structural amendments. As well as offering Website maintenance services, we support customers in other areas of digital marketing.

We support other website platforms. In the event that we can’t support a website platform, we have other good contacts in the industry.

We are happy to offer our customers training in website development/maintenance.

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